30 Mar Rehabbing Shoulders with the Overhead Press

My Dad had two junk shoulders after years of hard work.  He had the left shoulder repaired about 20 years ago.  He had the right shoulder with a SLAP tear or labrum tear repaired about one year ago.

Post surgery he used a continuous passive motion chair for several hours each day.  As soon as he was cleared to drive, we began pressing a broom handle overhead.  We started with high reps in order to get the blood flowing in the injured area.  Blood carries nutrients necessary for repairs and also carries away damaged tissue, lactic acid, etc.

Over the weeks we SLOWLY added weight to his overhead press.  Approximately  one year later he is pressing 95 pounds in a proper overhead press for three sets of five.


There’s not much more to say about this process.  It’s very simple.  We start with a very light weight and high reps, 10-20 depending on the age and strength of the client, and do PERFECT FORM.  Over time the weight increases and the rep range decreases until the shoulder is healed and the trainee is setting personal records again.

If you have any questions about weight training, or would like help with your shoulder rehab, email me at scott@silver-strength.com.