My Philosophy

15 May My Philosophy

Our philosophy is to use powerlifting and strength training regimens to fight Sarcopenia, or wasting. Sarcopenia is the death and loss of muscle tissue and is almost inevitable for older people. We teach our trainees to  use the methods that very, very strong people have used for decades and even centuries to get stronger. Maybe you and I won’t be deadlifting hundreds or even maybe even a thousand pounds anytime soon, but we can use the lessons learned from very strong people to fight ongoing loss of muscle mass and hopefully even rebuild strength that we’ve lost over the years.  The concepts that these muscle men have used to become strong are what we’re going to use to maintain our independence, keep our balance, prevent ourselves from falling, to live healthy and longer lives.

That is the thought process behind the training regimen that you’ve asked me to help you with. Over time, we’re going to learn how to do things that are harder than we’ve ever done before. But along the way, we’re going to become much stronger. We are going to protect ourselves from the danger of falling. We are going to keep our independence as people and we are going to learn a lot about ourselves and the way our brain works as we test ourselves once, twice, or three times a week under the barbell.   I hope you find that this training is fascinating and that you learn a lot about yourself while doing it, because I know that you will become stronger and mentally and physically. Give us 90 to 120 days. The older we are, the longer it takes to see those results, but I know you’ll see them.