Strength Training

Personalized Strength Training

I work with individuals of all ages with the goal of making them stronger.  I offer private coaching for people who must obtain measurable results from their training.  I am not just a cheerleader or rep counter.  I am your coach.  I will teach you perfect barbell training form,  provide proven, effective programming and demonstrable increases in strength.

I use the Starting Strength Model.  This model uses barbell exercises that involve all of the body’s muscle mass-utilized over the longest effective range of motion.  We then load your lifts progressively, to force your body to make the adaptations necessary for increases in strength. (Stress-Recovery-Adaptation)

This strength training model is not like most popular exercise.  Our training system is a long term process designed for getting your body stronger over a period of time.  These training sessions are not the new fad exercises that make you hot, sweaty, and tired.  You are training for a goal.  That goal is to become stronger and have a better existence on this planet.

  • Online Coaching and Personalized Strength and conditioning programming

    • $199/month

      • Form coaching via video breakdown every workout
      • Unlimited communication access to a Starting Strength Coach
      • Complete nutrition consulting
      • Weekly Macro and nutrition guidelines
      • Supplement recommendations

  • In-Person Coaching With Charity At Silver Strength!

    • $75/hour Includes:

      • Programming
        • I create the most effective strength training program for you.
        • I’ll create a program that helps you meet your goals.
      • Real-time Coaching, I coach and correct your lifts while you are on the platform
      • Top quality equipment
        • Rogue
        • C2
        • York
    • $25/hour per additional lifter
    • First time lifters (2+ hours) $130
      • I teach:
        • The theory behind strength training
        • Basic barbell physics
        • Exercise selection
        • The Squat
        • The Press
        • The Bench Press
        • The Deadlift

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