19 Feb Strength training yields big improvement for runners

Amanda contacted me about barbell training at the urging of her husband, who trains with my husband, Scott.  She had a lot of questions.  Primarily, she was concerned about barbell training making her “bulky” and interfering with her marathon training.

I told her, (as I tell everyone) muscle is the engine of life.  They make all physical activity happen.  Running a 5k, marathon, or triathlons is no exception, they use muscle. If we can get a bigger engine, the car goes faster.  If we get bigger muscles, we can go faster.  Also, I told her that if “Getting Bulky” was easy, I wouldn’t have a job, because all of the young men we train are busting their butts to get bulky and it’s not easy, even for high testosterone young males.   We talked about training, goals, diet, lifestyle and more at length, and Amanda decided to give strength training a try.

In about 4 weeks her squat has gone up about  25%.  She’s not a typical novice, she started out quite a bit stronger than a client of her height and weight normally is, so this 20% is a big, big deal.

Amanda posted this last week:

Runner sets record times by using strength training.

“Had a great day under the weights and a record run again today.  Continued progress on all fronts.  Didn’t do an interval run today, just a timed 3 mile.  Last weeks ave. (sic) pace was 8:08/mile for the interval.  Today I achieved a 7:37 pace for the time.  So really proud of my gains.”

She’s getting stronger AND faster.  They always do!
Please let me help you do the same.

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