Personalized Strength Training with co-host of Barbell Logic, Scott Hambrick

As a strength coach, I work with individuals of all ages with the goal of making them stronger.  I offer private coaching for people who must obtain measurable results from their training.  I am not just a cheerleader or rep counter.  I am your coach.  I will teach you perfect barbell training form, and  provide proven, effective programming and demonstrable increases in strength.

Today, I train clients from high school athletes focused on gaining muscle mass to clients in their 60’s and early 70’s who are recovering from shoulder, knee and hip replacements.   At all levels, I am focused on assessing the client’s capabilities and increasing their strength beginning where they are.

If you just need a form check, or would like intense, long term, one on one training, I can help.

  • Online Coaching and Personalized Strength and conditioning programming

    • $199/month

      • Form coaching via video breakdown every workout
      • Unlimited communication access to Scott
      • Complete nutrition consulting
      • Weekly Macro and nutrition guidelines
      • Supplement recommendations
      • Powered by

  • One-on-one Coaching At My Gym!

    • In-Person Coaching: $100/hour

      • Real-time Coaching for one lifter, I coach and correct your lifts while you are on the platform
      • Programming
        • I create the most effective strength training program for you.
      • Form checks
      • Group sessions also available
    • First time lifters (2+ hours) $195
      • I teach:
        • The theory behind strength training
        • Basic barbell physics
        • Exercise selection
        • The Squat
        • The Press
        • The Bench Press
        • The Deadlift
    • Additional lifters +$25/hour

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