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Scott Hambrick

A long time ago I realized I was fat.  I was out of breath and winded after tying my shoe laces. That very day I hired a personal trainer and commenced to lose the weight.  After 3 years and thousands of dollars, I lost 53 pounds.   I was 6’2″ tall and weighed 179.  After all that, I was skinny fat.  I lost 53 pounds of fat AND muscle.


Bosu ball work, muscle confusion BS and typical NASM, NSCA, ACE, ACSM personal trainer work didn’t make me strong.  I could do some planks, but I couldn’t bench press 165 pounds.  I had never even attempted a squat or a deadlift.  I wanted to be able to eat more food and I wanted to look better.  I knew the “trainer” route wasn’t going to get me there.  I had already given that experiment 3 years.


I launched an educational initiative for myself.  I set out to find out how people get strong.   I knew there were strong people.  How in the hell did they do it?  I found the answer.  They do it with barbells.


After more research and trial and error I found that the Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training method absolutely worked for me.  After 6 weeks on starting strength I was stronger at age 38 than I had ever been in my life.  I was convinced.


My wife and I started training together and in an effort to do the best possible job of training in the safest possible way, I began studying the craft of barbell training, form, coaching, exercise physiology, mechanics, and more.  Soon, I was interning as a strength coach under Matt Reynolds at Reynolds Strong and later after he founded Starting Strength Online Coaching, the official Starting Strength online coaching service.


In December of 2016 I passed the platform coaching test at Wichita Fall Athletic Club and in January of 2017 I passed the written exam and became a Starting Strength Coach, an SSC.  I chose this because the Starting Strength method is the most complete, most efficient means to get a new athlete very strong, very fast, regardless of their age.


Charity and I love to apply our expertise in the training of young folks who are unhappy with their weight (both over and underweight!) and want to change their lives by getting crazy strong.   What we really love though is to help older folks get strong with the same methods.


I believe that strength is the most important aspect of physical health. Increased strength improves all aspects of athletic performance; endurance, power, speed, everything.  Without strength our balance fails, we can’t get around the house, and we can’t do the things we love to do. Without strength, it is almost impossible to express the fullness of who we are.


Today I still train. I train to get stronger.  I train to feel younger.  I train strength because it’s fun.

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