#127 – Who We Are: The Core Values that Define Us Pt. 1

26 Nov #127 – Who We Are: The Core Values that Define Us Pt. 1

As Socrates counseled, know thyself, so those of us at Barbell Logic and SSOC evaluate (and re-evaluate) who we are as our audience and business grows. To that end, Matt and the staff at SSOC have developed a set of core values which spell out the identity of the company. Of course these values weren’t selected in a vacuum, and they reflect more broadly the values of Matt and Scott.


SSOC and Barbell Logic’s Core Values

  1. We believe in who we are: a company who endeavors to get anybody and everybody strong, to bring Starting Strength to a bigger audience.
  2. We choose what is right over everything else: even when the right thing means making less money, not growing as fast as we want, or admitting mistakes which might create bad press, we do it anyway.
  3. We strive to be the best at what we do: we want to be the best strength coaches in the world, the best online coaching company in the world, and, importantly, the best at everything we do, even outside of barbell coaching. 
  4. We want to “wow” our customers with outstanding service: which means underpromising and overdelivering. It also means admitting when we miss the mark, and figuring out how to constantly improve our customer service experience.
  5. We accept personal responsibility: we don’t kick the can down the road, don’t pass the buck. We take responsibility for what we do, and what happens on our watch. Even when things aren’t our fault, we strive to figure out what part we played in creating an environment where a mistake is made.



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