#125 – Matt and Scott Answer Your Questions: Q&A #5

15 Nov #125 – Matt and Scott Answer Your Questions: Q&A #5

Matt and Scott answer your questions in Q&A #5. Listeners submitted questions via email and Instagram and the boys will tackle them over the course of several episodes.


This week they answer:

  1. What is your favorite cocktail right now? Scott keeps it simple: old fashioned, gin and tonic, maybe a gin martini. Matt has been enjoying bitter cocktails lately, especially cocktails with amaro.
  2. What new lifting equipment have you purchased recently? Scott and Matt just bought the Rep Fitness competition flat bench. It has a softer, more rubbery pad with good tack and the base at the foot-end of the bench is low profile so it doesn’t interfere with narrow foot placement. Matt also bought a massage attachment for his jigsaw for pummeling his hips into submission. Scott is also eyeing a new pair of squat shoes with a taller 1″ heel, considering either the Leistung or an old pair of Risto’s.
  3. Do you sometimes put someone post-LP (intermediate or advanced lifter) back onto LP? What kind of gains could they expect? They do it all the time! And more often that not, the lifter sets a new 3×5 PR during the LP. More advanced lifters will periodically peak to test their heavy singles, tapering their volume as detailed in the Block Programming episode. Whether it’s for a meet or just part of the training block, coming out of the peaking period LP can work well by exposing the lifter to more volume. It also works well for intermediates and advanced lifters coming off a long layoff.
  4. Who are your favorite SSOC clients?


More Q&A’s to come in the future! Send us your questions at barbelllogicpodcast@gmail.com or on Instagram @barbell_logic.


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