#111 – Eric Shugars: Bringing Starting Strength to the Schools

27 Sep #111 – Eric Shugars: Bringing Starting Strength to the Schools

Matt and Scott bring on Eric Shugars of Westminster Strength to talk about his path to becoming a Starting Strength Coach through Beau Bryant’s internship program, and how he has developed inroads with local high school sports teams.


High school athletes are in a prime position to develop significant strength to apply to their sport — they’re young and physically fresh, growing, full of testosterone (the boys at least), and can handle lots of physical stress including running an LP while satisfying the practice demands for their sport. That said, the sport coaches typically run off-season strength and conditioning, and they may not be as informed and experienced with strength as they are with coaching their sport.


By training some local school officials in the Starting Strength method, Eric developed relationships with some local high schools and started coaching various athletes through the novice LP. Those athletes have made enormous strength gains and their sport performance has greatly improved. Eric’s success has gotten the attention of other athletes, and he now runs a busy private strength training program for high schoolers looking to improve their game.


You can contact Eric via Westminster Strength & Conditioning.


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