Charity Hambrick

I have always worried about my weight and have struggled with it my whole life.  I have tried every fad diet and workout.  I spent a couple of years and thousands of dollars with a NASM trainer and this helped me to make new healthy habits, but I plateaued and frustration began to effect my progress.  In February of 2014 my husband brought home the book “Starting Strength, Basic Barbell Training”  by Mark Rippetoe.  I was skeptical of this method at first, but I saw the progress my husband was making with barbell training, so I began the novice weightlifting program.  For the first time I was not working on my body weight, or trying to “burn fat.”  I had a new goal and that was to get strong.  It was fun and challenging.  Soon, I learned that I loved beating my personal records.  During the last couple of years I have gained about 30 pounds of muscle mass, become much leaner, and ENORMOUSLY stronger. 

For the first time in my life I am not on a diet.  In fact I have to eat a lot of the right foods to pickup the barbell three times a week. I need protein, carbs and fats to help repair my muscles and to give me the fuel I need.  Because of my strength I no longer trip, stumble and twist my ankles.  I’m rock steady and confident these days. 

I owe Starting Strength so much.  This program has helped make me a better person and it has become my passion to bring this quality of life to others.  Our bodies want to work.  Just because there are inventions that make things easier for us doesn’t mean that our bodies don’t need to work.  Our bodies are all we have and it is our job to keep them strong. It’s never too late to start.  I am here to coach you through barbell training and help you regain your strength.

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Personalized Strength Training

I work with individuals of all ages with the goal of making them stronger.  I offer private coaching for people who must obtain measurable results from their training.  I am not just a cheerleader or rep counter.  I am your coach.  I will teach you perfect barbell training form,  provide proven, effective programming and demonstrable increases in strength.

I use the Starting Strength Model.  This model uses barbell exercises that involve all of the body’s muscle mass-utilized over the longest effective range of motion.  We then load your lifts progressively, to force your body to make the adaptations necessary for increases in strength. (Stress-Recovery-Adaptation)

This strength training model is not like most popular exercise.  Our training system is a long term process designed for getting your body stronger over a period of time.  These training sessions are not the new fad exercises that make you hot, sweaty, and tired.  You are training for a goal.  That goal is to become stronger and have a better existence on this planet.

  • Online Coaching and Personalized Strength and conditioning programming

    • $199/month

      • Form coaching via video breakdown every workout
      • Unlimited communication access to Scott Hambrick
      • Complete nutrition consulting
      • Weekly Macro and nutrition guidelines
      • Supplement recommendations

  • In-Person Coaching At My Gym!

    • $75/hour Includes:

      • Programming
        • I create the most effective strength training program for you.
        • I’ll create a program that helps you meet your goals.
      • Real-time Coaching, I coach and correct your lifts while you are on the platform
      • Top quality equipment
        • Rogue
        • C2
        • York

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